the cardassians take over the station. gul dukat goes “looks like this station is…. deep space mine”

he laughs

weyoun goes “wait… don’t you mean… terok yours”

they laugh

kira is unhappy

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If you are wearing a Starfleet uniform, if you are cosplaying as a crewmember, if you are representing yourself as a Star Trek fan … and you are openly expressing such appallingly ignorant and self-righteous assertions — calling your faith the one true faith, denigrating the president’s faith, denying a woman’s right to her own reproductive destiny, and stating that homosexuals are against nature and God’s laws, then you are a fucking hypocrite.

Gene Roddenberry’s publicly stated vision of Star Trek was of a future that worked for everyone, with no one and nothing left out. That included gay people. That included people of all races, all faiths, all colors, all ethnicities, all abilities. Everyone was welcome to share the dream. Gene said, both in public and in private, that he wanted to see gay crewmembers aboard the Enterprise.

So you cannot put on a Starfleet uniform. You cannot call yourself T’blahblah anything. Not without defiling that which you wear. Yeah, I saw it on your page. All those photos of you at conventions, in costume, posing and pretending.

SF fandom has a philosophy of inclusion. Everybody’s welcome. Even you, with whatever baggage you might be carrying. Fandom is a place where that baggage doesn’t matter anymore. It’s a place that welcomes misfits and malcontents, dreamers and idealists, smart people and super-smart people. The only real rule is an unwritten one — you don’t get to judge others for being different and they won’t judge you. Everybody’s welcome.

And in Star Trek? Well, the guy who created it — I was there — he postulated IDIC — Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations as a Vulcan philosophy.

While I might have my own misgivings about some of the people entrusted with the responsibility of producing Star Trek, I loved the higher vision of the show — that we can love and respect each other, that we can support each other, that the 2% of our DNA that is specifically human can rise above the 98% that is still chimpanzee — that we can look to the stars and celebrate the awesomeness of the adventures ahead of us.

So when you say crap like »Just so u know. I am against abortions. Same sex marriage should not be permitted. homosexuals and transvestites are against nature and God’s laws. “Man shall not lay down with man.” God created Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve.

you’re betraying yourself as a bigot. A not very well educated bigot. Science Fiction and Fantasy media has given us great performances by gay and lesbian actors — Jack Barrowman, George Takei, Ian McKellan, and more. LGBT authors include Samuel R. Delaney, Joanna Russ (You really should look up her work!), Thomas M. Disch, Geoff Ryman, Nicola Griffith, Melissa Scott, and (transgender) Jessica Amanda Salmonson. When you slander gay people, you are slandering the people who helped to create that universe you’re cosplaying in and that community of SF fans that has accepted you as an equal. Your comments, quoted above — you say you would deny my right to marry. You don’t have that authority, you never will. Same-sex marriage has spread to 18 states with court cases in 7 more. It’s just a matter of time. But just the same, I can’t be friends with someone who would deny my civil rights, or who would deny a woman the right to be responsible for her own reproductive destiny. To do so would violate my own sense of integrity. Ohell, to call you friend would make me a hypocrite too. And finally, as long as I’m unloading, I’m specifically embarrassed that you’re wearing a Starfleet uniform in your profile photo — because it means that Gene, and all the other people who worked so hard to embody the visions and dreams of a better world, obviously failed to reach you."

David Gerrold kicks ass on Facebook in response to a bigoted Star Trek fan (via mslorelei)

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no one should direct star trek 13 because we should get a new series instead of another fucking action film that ignores all canon


petition for laverne cox to be in a new star trek series




Petition for Laverne Cox top play the captain in this series.

(And Gina Torres to be her first officer)

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There is nothing I do not like about this picture.

There is nothing I do not like about this picture.

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acceptable reaction

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Major Kira + season 4

The fact of the matter is, I’ve already been where you’re going. I’ve lived the life you’re choosing - fighting, hit and run, always outgunned, living on hate and adrenaline… It’s not much of a life. And it eats away at you, so that every day a little bit of you dies. 

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